The Best Tennis Apparel Websites: Why Cruise Control Gear Should Top Your List

Nobody understands tennis players like tennis players; their needs; their wants; what's going to give them that edge. Americans spent nearly $500 million dollars last year on tennis equipment, but unless that equipment was designed for tennis players, by tennis players, then it’s wasted money.


This is where Cruise Control Gear comes into play. Cruise Control Gear was created by Candice and Kristen Carlin, two sisters who both played tennis on both the national and international stage. It was these experiences that enabled the Carlin sisters to design premium athletic apparel, geared toward the athlete. The result is aggressive, yet elegant products, much like the game of tennis itself. So what exactly sets Cruise Control Gear apart from the rest?



Cruise Control Gear knows what it takes to be successful on and off the court, which is why all of their men's and women’s apparel is designed for the active athlete. Athletes know that clothes need to fit and provide full and fluid motion in order to compete. This mentality holds true not only for tennis, but also golf and many other active sports, which is why Cruise Control Gear’s entire line has the athlete and their needs in the forefront.



One of the most common complaints had by athletes about active wear is a lack of breathability. This results in overheating and ultimately poor performance. However, Cruise Control Gear and its design technology have created lines of men's and women’s active wear that transports moisture quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation and with ventilated gussets for breathability that will keep you dry and comfortable; whether you are hitting the back nine, or hitting the bar.



No longer are the days where style is left in the locker room; as we are seeing an emergence of colors and designs on athletes both professional and amateur, as well as on and off the court. Heeding this cry to the dull, boring and bland active wear available on the market, Cruise Control Gear decided to bring modern style and engineered functionality to all of its clothing. With the season's colors, classic and modern designs, and more forward thinking construction, Cruise Control Gear is just at home on the court as it as it at the grocery store.



While you might pay a premium for some of your active wear, that is no guarantee that you will be getting the quality you think you are paying for. Rather you are probably paying for endorsement deals for an athlete who hasn't even set eyes on the clothes, let alone any hand in their design. It is this fact that makes Cruise Control Gear so different. Not only do they provide a superior product with the athlete in mind, but they do so at a reasonable price; one that makes it easy to see where your hard-earned money is going. At, you can be certain you're getting the best value for quality apparel at a tennis apparel website.


With nearly half a billion dollars in sales on tennis equipment last year alone, it isn't difficult to see that tennis is a growing sport in this nation. However, with this growing popularity comes a influx of products, many of which are inferior or overpriced or both, which can make navigating the world of athletic apparel that much more difficult. Thankfully, companies like Cruise Control Gear exist, that put the athlete in the forefront when it comes to fitting, breathability, style and price, because ultimately, it takes an athlete to understand an athlete's needs. Find your Cruise Control Gear here.